Battle of the Badges 2019

Scheduled for  Sunday September 15th, 2019

Colorado Battle of the Badges is back! This is a Fund-Raiser  Partner Competition. The money raised will go to support the Jessica Ridgeway Foundation as well as the Big Waves Foundation in honor of Vaughn Bigelow Jr. 

This is a team event comprised of 2 people, either M/M, F/,F, Or M/F.

This comp is simple, it's built to raise money for these two great Causes/Foundations.

Let's make it just that, a great time with a great community, for a great cause.

As a bubbly, energetic 10 year old, Jessica Ridgeway wanted to be a cheerleader. Now, The Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Fund will help fund cheer camps and other youth initiatives in her honor. 

The Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Fund is a part of the Broomfield Community Foundation.

CrossFit MOB Thornton - Jessica Ridgeway

On June 14, 2018 Meghan Bigelow was taking her 3 children to a routine Dentist appointment when she became a part of a road rage encounter.  Meghan and 2 of her sons were shot multiple times.  Sadly her oldest son (13) passed away June 14. Please help us in raising money for this incredible family as they are experiencing such a tragic time and have a long road of recovery ahead of them.