Battle Of the Badges Movement Standards 2019

 All Basic Movements (including squatting to parallel)

 Light to Moderate WOD Barbell Weights (95/65 on most barbell movements, 185/135 deadlift weights)

 Barbell Movements: Back squat, front squat, overhead squat, thruster, clean, snatch, shoulder to overhead, SDHP, deadlift

 KB Weights (55/35)

 Slam Ball Weights (50/30)

 Med Ball Weights (20/14)

 Standard Box Heights (24/20)

 Single and/or Double Unders

 Push Ups

 Pull Ups

 Toes to Bar/Knees to elbow

 Rowing, Running, Airbike

 No advanced/technical movements i.e. muscle ups, handstand pushups, pistols, ect…

*items may be scalable but scaling will result in a no podium potential.




CrossFit MOB is honored to share this experience with the Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Foundation and the Flights for Fallen Families Foundation. Both foundations are very near and dear to our gym members.


One of our own members Rich Salazar was the first responder on Jessica's disappearance. Read on how Rich helped support the Ridgeway family and make this competition possible:


"On October 5, 2012 I was dispatched as the primary Officer to Jessica Ridgeway’s residence to investigate a missing child. Sixteen hours later sitting inside of Jessica’s home I knew this would be the worst call of my law enforcement career. With the assistance of several law enforcement agencies Justice For Jessica was achieved. In the past years I have kept a close relationship with Jessica’s mom, aunt and grandma. I have been working on developing an event that would support Jessica’s foundation. I presented the idea to the owners of Crossfit MOB where I work out. Without hesitation owners agreed and wanted to support the foundation. The owners created a Crossfit competition called Battle of the Badges. Jessica’s mom, aunt and grandma met with the owners of Crossfit MOB and are very excited about the event and without hesitation gave there blessing. My hope is that we can raise enough money so that Jessica’s legacy will touch several young girls."






Everyone is encouraged to bring the kids along. CrossFit MOB will have some first responder vehicles on display for them to check out. Along with other kids activities all in an effort to raise awerness and funds for the foundation.


There will also be food trucks on site!


And amazing raffle prizes!!!!

Raffle tickets can be purchased day of event.